Makers Connection to local people and community Makers will be connected to creators and be a valuable part of a working team. Being at a local level, community and relationships will be formed that extend beyond a work environment.
Opportunity to provide for themselves and those around them Typically makers will receive piece work from creators. Piece work is work that a maker is paid a fixed rate for, for each product made.
Meaningful hands-on work Building products with your hands gives great satisfaction and a sense of accomplishment. Makers work together with creators to make a high quality finished product to sell.
Makers Who can be a Maker? Anyone who enjoys the process of doing hands-on work and wants to generate a sustainable income for themselves and those around them.

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Creators MarqUnity partners with those
wanting to create
Everyone's circumstances are different, and we want to partner with creators to maximise their creativity and help their micro-business be successful. MarqUnity meets with creators to mentor and assist them in getting over the hurdles like packaging, production and quality control.
Connection to local, and eventually
international distributors
MarqUnity connects creators and distributors through an online list, which lets distributors chose the suppliers they want to sell products from. Eventually, our dream is to expand MarqUnity into other countries around the world, allowing our market and the relationships within to expand internationally.
Provides a framework to handle
business tasks
MarqUnity provides systems to handle time-consuming and boring common business tasks like accounting, order management, stock control, and legal paperwork - the things every small business must do, but might be daunting and take away from time to create.
Creators Who can be a Creator? Someone with a creative spark who desires to add something to the world and help other people through the process of creating and making their product. Whether a retired tinkerer, adventurous entrepreneur, stay-at-home mom, or anyone willing to take a shot at something new, creating is a gift and a privilege.
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Distributors Connection to local sustainable creators MarqUnity acts as the connection point between retailers and local creators. Distributors will be able to view an ever-growing online list of suppliers. Guarantees high quality products We work closely with every supplier and provide them with automated systems that increase quality and accountability. With mentoring and strict guidelines in place, we want every product to stand the test of time and usage. MarqUnity will ensure faulty items can be returned and/or replaced.
Growing catalogue of hand-crafted products As the number of suppliers increase, so does the number of products to be distributed and sold. Distributors will be able to select and order products that complement and add value to their retail shops.

Distributors Who can be a Distributor? Local businesses or individuals with community exposure who sell products to the public. Distributors could be local shopkeepers or simply someone selling things from their home. Go Back Go Back